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Day 7: Arms+One Mile

You know, sometimes life gets in the way and you get behind and forget to do a lot of what you have planned to do. The great thing about fitness is that if you quite working out, you can just start it back up again. The sooner you start it back up, the easier it will be. In my case, when life gets in the way then just take a 6 day break.

Now that I am thoroughly rested from the workouts last week, it is time to get back to business. Today is ARMS! I also plan on running a mile this morning with my beautiful puppy since it is the first day over 40 degrees when I woke up. Here is a picture of him from about 2 weeks ago. He is a little bit bigger now and going on 5 months old. He may come up to my lower thigh but he is still just a baby. His name is Christmas Atticus. We got him a couple weeks before Christmas so my son wanted to call him Christmas. I then attached my favorite name on to that because you can not name a German Shepherd anything better than after Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. And yes, I know my German shepherd is white. I picked him because I always wanted one and people are not as scared of him right off because they don’t know what he is. Then I tell them, “Oh, yeah. He is a German shepherd,” and they look surprised and almost all take a step back as though he were some wild beast.

Anyway, back on topic. Arms + 1 mile. I will also add this mile time to my progress page because it has been so long since I have been running. I know the time will be slow even if I were running it without my puppy. This workout came from Back On Pointe. It is amazing how many times her workouts end up on Pinterest. Thank you Talia C. for pinning this just for me even though you have no idea who I am.

Arms Christmas Atticus

Oh yeah. And I got tired of my usual post title “Getting in Shape with Pinterest”. It was getting old.

***update at 7:57

Let me just say that I should get my dog certified as a personal trainer. In the past he was too little to take running for long ways so I would just walk him down all my routs, sprinting for maybe 50-100 yards because he wanted to. I slowly increased the distance over time with 4 miles being our longest walk about a month ago. Two weeks ago I took him running for a mile like I did today and he was thoroughly confused because we were running so much without stopping. Today he took it head on. I took him out for his morning potty break and told him we were going running when he finished. He remembered what it was because he grabbed the leash in his mouth and started jumping and pulling me down the road. He also knew that subconsciously my goal was to do the first 1/2 mile without stopping. We got about 100 yards from the half way point and I was slowing down and getting tired. What did he do? He sped up and made me run. Once we got to the half way point I made him let me walk and he dragged me along at a fast walking pace. In all I had to walk 3 times during the second half, but Atticus would not let me walk slow and would not let me walk more than 50 feet. When we turned the corner to our street we were about a block from our house and I said, “Come on. Lets go check the mail.” (I start/stop all my routs at the mail box) He charged for it. Now on our street this blockĀ  is not flat. It drops down at least 15 feet minimum from its lowest point to its highest point. You turn the corner and then start going down hill, half a block later you’re at the bottom and then head back up with our box being on the very top. He sprinted right to the box, while dragging me behind him. When all was said and done I ran it in 11:51. Not bad considering I haven’t really run a mile in 6+ months. Maybe I will be able to get to my old college time requirement of 6:30 by the end of the summer if I run with Atticus several times a week.


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Day 4 Getting in Shape with Pinterest

Today I am doing an all over body workout. I found this one today. It looks like a tough one. I can not wait till my son goes to bed for me to do this one. With basically everyone in my family being sick, everyone has a messed up sleep pattern, including my son. I repined this from Katherine and it is originally from Back On Pointe‘s tumblr page. My “Dancers Legs” workout on Day 1 is also from Back On Pointe. You can find it and others on my Pinterest fitness board.

All over body weight workout

I had to do a quick internet search. I was not sure what some of these were. Just click on the name to go to an explanation of what they are.

Full Bridge– I took this to be a 1 minute bridge. ***I had to stop at 0:30 and then after a second I did the remaining 0:30

Short Bridges- No link here. Your guess is as good as mine. I went up and down while keeping good form for 15 reps.

Bird-Dogs– For this one all the examples had you hold the pose for several seconds. Since the work out here says 20 bird-dogs, I did 20 bird-dogs on each side, holding the pose for 3 seconds before switching sides. So for example I held up my right arm/left leg for 3 seconds, then the left arm/right leg for 3 seconds and then back to the right arm/left leg for 3 seconds and on and on like so until I did 20 on each side. A total of 40.

Oblique crunches– I was not going to look this up originally. I thought I knew what these were but I was wrong. This video first caught my eye because I saw some nice abs on the row of videos on the right side of the screen. Then I saw it was about oblique crunches. Needless to say, I watched the video and got to watch some nice eye candy show me how I have been doing these crunches wrong the whole time. Its not ever your traditional “crunch” at all. Its closer to a side plank than a crunch.

My warm up and cool down will be some of the easier poses from my favorite yoga workout.

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