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Day 4 Getting in Shape with Pinterest

Today I am doing an all over body workout. I found this one today. It looks like a tough one. I can not wait till my son goes to bed for me to do this one. With basically everyone in my family being sick, everyone has a messed up sleep pattern, including my son. I repined this from Katherine and it is originally from Back On Pointe‘s tumblr page. My “Dancers Legs” workout on Day 1 is also from Back On Pointe. You can find it and others on my Pinterest fitness board.

All over body weight workout

I had to do a quick internet search. I was not sure what some of these were. Just click on the name to go to an explanation of what they are.

Full Bridge– I took this to be a 1 minute bridge. ***I had to stop at 0:30 and then after a second I did the remaining 0:30

Short Bridges- No link here. Your guess is as good as mine. I went up and down while keeping good form for 15 reps.

Bird-Dogs– For this one all the examples had you hold the pose for several seconds. Since the work out here says 20 bird-dogs, I did 20 bird-dogs on each side, holding the pose for 3 seconds before switching sides. So for example I held up my right arm/left leg for 3 seconds, then the left arm/right leg for 3 seconds and then back to the right arm/left leg for 3 seconds and on and on like so until I did 20 on each side. A total of 40.

Oblique crunches– I was not going to look this up originally. I thought I knew what these were but I was wrong. This video first caught my eye because I saw some nice abs on the row of videos on the right side of the screen. Then I saw it was about oblique crunches. Needless to say, I watched the video and got to watch some nice eye candy show me how I have been doing these crunches wrong the whole time. Its not ever your traditional “crunch” at all. Its closer to a side plank than a crunch.

My warm up and cool down will be some of the easier poses from my favorite yoga workout.


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Day 2 Getting in Shape with Pinterest (“GSP”)

Wow. I am sore. My hamstrings and back are the worst. I will update yesterdays post to tell how it went. That yoga page really kicked my butt. I will have to post that picture somewhere in a way showing what all I could actually do that way I can come back in a year and see how much I improved. I was thinking I would do it every day like a warm up but for now it will have to wait and be done maybe 3 times a weeks till I get better at it.

As a side note, I decided to number my days I spend “Getting in Shape with Pinterest.” I will go all the way up to 365 days (not counting break days) and then decide if I will continue numbering or not. Also i will shorten it to GSP so that it is quicker to type. Yes, I am lazy.

Today I will focus on my abs and arms. I want to be sure and rotate my muscle groups since my legs and back are sore today. Fortunately, your abs are a muscle group that you can work every day! Feel free to go to my Pinterest page and follow me or just my “Fitness Stuff” board if you want to see everything that I have found before I post them on here.



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