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Day 5 Getting in Shape with Pinterest

I am a little sore from yesterday evening, but I got up early and pushed on for this one.

The all cardio challange

I did not want to go outside in the cold to do this work out and I did not want to risk waking up my son by jumping rope in my living room so I modified it slightly. We have tile floors so I simply jumped back and forth over the line as quickly as I could. Since jumping rope also has some arm action going on, I grabbed a pair of one pound weights and pretended they were my jump rope. I held my arms just like you would with a jump rope, keeping my arms bent around a 90 degree angle. When jumping rope quickly, your arms do not really move at all for the most part so it was an easy switch to make. Simply hold the weights firmly in your hands and rotate the weights in a tiny circular motion. Try to keep your tiny circles no more than 1-2 inches wide. This works as a pretty decent jump rope alternative.

I took a 30 second water break, but when I get more in shape I think I will try this again going through the whole thing without a water break and then eventually going all the way through from beginning to end and then take the break before doing the whole thing again.


March 5, 2013 - Posted by | Fitness

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