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Day 3 Getting in Shape with Pinterest

Hey everyone. The Core Challenge from yesterday was pretty tough. I had to modify the push-ups to do them from my knees and the bridge was hopeless. I got 17 seconds into the first one and my arms started shaking really bad. Then by time I got to the second bridge I couldn’t even get off the ground. Other than that I was able to do it. My abs are burning. I never got to the second arm workout however because of sick family members. I plan on doing the arm exercises today.

My original plan for today was to just go walk a total of 2.61 miles. I coach a 3rd-4th grade girls basketball team and the church they play at is that far away. I have been dropped off and walked home before, so I though today would be a great day to do it again. My darling 2 year old son will be joining me in his fancy jogging stroller. He loves to go with mommy to play basketball.

Tomorrow will be my day of rest. Since I will not be working out tomorrow, I will post a great healthy recipe courtesy my fellow Pinterest users.

Here is a link to the arm workout from yesterday. Just click on the picture.



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