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Getting in shape with Pinterest

Well. I have gone running all of a hand full of times since my last update… Go me! I need to do something to get my behind up and moving. Luckily, I have a job where I spend a lot of time sitting around doing nothing for a good part of the day, so I spend it on Pinterest. I always come across these pictures that outline entire “mini-workouts” on one image and then I re-post them onto my board labeled “Fitness Stuff”. Yesterday I decided it was time to do something about it and I decided that maybe I could use Pinterest to get into shape. I may not be good about getting up and running in the winter but I can at least get rid of this spare tire around my waist and the extra jiggle forming on my arms and legs. Pinterest my not be able to get me to run a marathon, but if it can at least get me to loose a few pounds before the weather warms up then I will be glad. I look forward to any weight that I can loose before I get the courage to run again. The lighter I am then the less pounding my knees and calves will take. (I have tendinitis in my lower calf and bad knees from basketball for those who do not know.)

Today I will start with these two work outs. The first I will try and do every day because I am loosing flexibility.



Again, I got these pictures from Pinterest. The links they come from are this for the first and this for the second picture.

***update 3/1/13: I am so sore. I didn’t realize it until time to go to bed. My legs were a little tingly for about an hour but after that I was fine. Then about 9pm I couldn’t get up off the couch! My hamstrings, inner thighs, back and shoulders were the culprits with my hamstrings and back being the worst. Then it took me several minutes to work the soreness out when I got up this morning. I will have to edit the yoga picture to show how I did yesterday that way I can compare it to how I do in the future. I think it kicked my butt the most. 1/3 of it I couldn’t do at all, 1/3 of it I had to modify for either strength or flexibility reasons, then the remaining I was able to do aside from the general lack of flexibility.***


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